Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Valentines day blog swap - Paperbacks and Postcards

Hey Blogletts,
I took part in the blog swap held by the amazing Paperbacks and Postcards. When the package came I was a little toooo excited and here is what happened yesterday when I opened it ....

I realllyy love owls!!!!

Hmm I wonder who .... thanks Laura xx

Everything came in this amazing little bag

My first pair of eyelashes

A pot of sprinkles

More sprinley bitsss !!

Nail art bits

Heart balloooons

Sample of a lovely hair mask

This smells and feels AMAZING

A few sampley bits

Oh my gosh! An urban decay primer potion, I nearly wet myself when I found this

Some lovely love hearts

I was so excited and sitting in my bathroom nearly hyperventilating not knowing what to do.
I am so grateful so thank you Laura you are very very very amazing (amazeballlss)

Hope you all enjoyed your valentines day, I know I enjoyed mine from this and then a lovely meal cooked by my boyfriend x
Bye for now xx


  1. I am so glad you liked everything! xxx

  2. you little angel!!! I loved my bundle of goodies so much! THANKYOU!! the blusher is not like anything else I have already & is so pretty! haha, and the little hearts went all over the place ;)