Saturday, 18 February 2012

Haul pt 1 - clothing

Hey Blogletts,
I have recently been doing a little bit of shopping but instead of boring you with a huge long post I thought I would split it up into 2 clothing bits for those interested in fashion and makeup for all those makeup junkies like myself.

First of all are these minty green shorts from Primark which I thought would be good for spring - £5

Then I picked up these light blue high waisted shorts with a yellow belt, again from Primark and for spring - £10

Now from H&M I picked up this minty green top/shirt which is quite long but tucked into the high waisted shorts it looks soo nice

From a charity shop I got this black cardigan with white trim for £4.50

From Forever 21 (my new favourite shop) I picked up this denim mottled acid wash effect crop top which was around the £16 mark

Again from Forever 21 I got this faded deer top which has a starry effect over the deer and has a blue gradient at the bottom, this was around the £12 mark

I love this skirt, again Forever 21. It is a dusty pink salmony colour which is shorter at the front then the back which is quite on trend as this style of skirt is in many shops. A little disclaimer that I am not into on trend clothes, I buy clothes if I like them not as everyone has them.

This sheer blousey shirt is from New Look and I liked the peachey colour for holiday, thought it would look nice with a tan, not that I tan at all, just wishful thinking.

From Topshop I got these earings which appear to be bird claws holding a teal coloured egg. Plus these were reduced to £1.50

This item many people may look at and think why would you get that. It is an earcuff, again from topshop, with crosses hanging from it. For those who do not know about ear cuffs, they have the regular stud and then a cuff which goes at the top of your ear. Another asumption may be that will hurt, it will fall down but I can assure you it doesn't. I wore it around London all day and I even forgot it was there, no hurting what so ever and didn't even fall down when we had to run for the train.

I got this bag from Matalan for £8, mainly for travelling as I have a few holidays coming up so needed a bigger bag

Finally this ring from Matalan for £4. It is a snakey thing which wraps round the finger and I love it.

The makeup bits will be up in the next few days, when I have time to do a blog post as this week I have been so busy finding time to post has been tricky.

Bye for now xx


  1. I love the deer top, and the first pair of shorts are a great colour!! good purchases!