Monday, 20 February 2012

Haul pt 2 - Makeup

Hey Blogletts,
This is the second part of the haul pt 1 was fashiony bits now for makeup. There is not much and I am proud I was quite restraint but here it is ....

First of all the product I was super excited for and this is the Stila smudge pot in kitten. I didn't even think stila was available in the UK but apparently I was wrong so in my excitement I picked up a bit of a cult product. I love this! It acts as a perfect base and even looks good on its own plus its a great colour for spring.

Next I got the heaven and earth palette which I have wanted for a long time so finally found it! It is so lovely and I may do another post reviewing it .... maybe.

Miss Sporty has a special offer which if you bought 2 products you got a free concealer and I must say this is pretty good, it is nice and creamy as I don't really like thick ones as they can tend to clog pores. Considering I got this for free, I am pretty chuffed.

So to get the concealer I picked up two nail polishes, one is this pinky coral colour and a teal colour which is somewhere but I couldn't find it to photograph.

I hope you enjoyed this haul

Bye for now xx


  1. oooh the Stila smudge pot looks gorgeous! lucky you!