Saturday, 4 February 2012

Creative Moment - Homemade 'Z' palette

Hey Blogletts,
So I have many eyeshadows that I love but just don't use as I generally dont like the other colours in the set or they are just generally in abnoxious packaging. Therefore I decided to makeshift my own famous Z palette. To do this you need an eyeshadow, lighter, sharp tool, magnetic strip or bluetack and a magnetic tin e.g. pencil case.
Step 1. CAREFULLY place the lighter a few centimentres away from the eyeshadow and light, gently swaying it
Step 2. Using the sharp tool CAREFULLY dig and scrape around the outside, gently teasing the eyeshadow from the container (this step may take a while) (please be careful of the fumes the plastic may give off, not good for you be in a well ventilated area and DO NOT inhale)
Step 3. Place the magnetic strip or blue tack onto the bottom of the shadow, makeing sure any previous glue is scraped off.
Step 4. Arrange the various shadows in the palette how you want to and you have your makeshift palette!

This is what mine looks like ...

The tin I used was limited edition from Bodyform. I'm not embarrased to say body form sell feminine products and like I was really going to carry them around in a tin, no way. So instead of letting it go to waste tada. As you can see I have a variety of eyeshadows and one blush in this palette. This will now hopefully encourage me to use these products more and makes it a lot easier for when I travel.

be very careful with the the eyeshadows as they break and dent so easily especially if they are soft, hence a few dents but not enough to throw, they are still useable.

Hope you find this helpful and please be careful with this!!

Bye for now xx

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