Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Story time :Feeling sorry for myself

Hey Blogletts,
I thought I would share an embarrasing story with you as apparently I have no shame.
Today I was sick at school, for the first time in my entire life. Never have I been sick at school but now I have. I had been feeling so crazy this morning, pinging off the walls, singing the cancan(as you do)  and generally being a loon. Then came 3rd lesson, psychology, I started feeling awful but it was hot in there so I dismissed it and carried on with the madness. It started getting worse and worse to the point I thought I was going to cry but no one really was that bothered as I was bouncing off the walls a mere hour before. It carried on getting worse and worse and one of my best friends realised and took me outside and we popped to the loo. In there was a girl doing her makeup so I had to wait till she had gone, still waiting and waiting whilst my friend was nearly wetting herself with laughter. Then the girl bogged off and another came in and whacked the door of the cubicle I was in, I wasn't on the toilet though, just trying to get the vom out, luckily. But still no sick so we left. Then as soon as we came back I felt it so walked out again, my friend followed and baaamm sick. I did have a carrier bag on me so thank gosh. So my lovely friend descided to laugh whilst I was vomming, nice right, and then a poor yr 7 walked past, probably scarred for life, sorry year 7! We then had to carry the sick bag to the toilet, now for someone who had just vommed you would expect dull and dreary but no I had gone back to the loon again so we laughed and messed around with the bag all the way to the toilet. When we went back everyone was so concerned and I just starting laughing, I found it hilarious. Then my boyfriend called me all concerned and was schocked when I starting meowing down the phone as I am soo damnn coool.
Not much to this really just thought I would share my first time of being sick at school with you, I hope you wern't eating whilst reading.
Bye for now xx
P.S if you want more random stories or none at all let me knoww


  1. This made me laugh so much haha, I definitely admire you for seeing the funny side of it! I've tagged you, check out my post to see what to do :)