Saturday, 4 February 2012

Magazine of the month - Elle march edition

Hey Blogletts,
So welcome to a NEW section of my blog. Every month I will be posting my favourite choice of magazine to buy that month. There are so many different magazines and each one can be slightly pricey so to prevent you from buying them all and spending a fortune this can help you to narrow your choice saving you money.
So this month I have chosen Elle magazine. First of all it comes with a FREE Soap and Glory mascara (which I have done a blog post on) which retails at £10. This magazine costs £3.90 which may seem expensive but it has a £10 mascara and it is a huge, whopping thing.
This is a good magazine as it is filled with fashion, style tips, beauty, perfume sheet samples, foundation sample and tons more! I really like it and recomend it!

Plus it has Alexa Chung on the cover *Bonus*

*My favourite designer and such a cute advert soooo going on my wall*

It is filled with Spring pastel trends and others.

Hope this helps!

Bye for now xx

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