Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Super quick cooking

Hey Blogletts,
So where I am in the UK it has been rather humid and hot for the past few days, I'm all for a bit of hot but there is no movement of cool air. This just makes people feel lazy and hot food on top of the heat is just a thought that does not want to cross my mind.
So I thought I would share a super quick, light meal I cook on days like this - crab tagliatelle.

First of all, I simply cook some pasta (they didn't have tagliatelle at my local coop so pasta will have to do).
Then whilst this is cooking I chop up half of a yellow pepper. Any pepper would do and any amount, this is just what I prefer.
When the pasta is done, I drain it off, shake it out, letting the water drain off and the pasta to cool down.
I then take a tin of crab, pour the 'juices' over the pasta then distribute the crab throughout.
I then take the pepper and fry it in soy sauce, oh my gosh tastes so goood.
Finally put it all on a plate and hey presto, super quick, easy, yummy dinner.

So I hope this is useful for those humid, 'sweaty' days (nice Holly nice). Also if you're a little lazy in the kitchen like me it doesn't involve much!

What's your perfect food for these muggy days? - found the word I was looking for - muggy.
Bye for now xx


  1. If only I liked crab! but I dont, but I find as an alterntaive pesto and pine nuts over pasta is scrummy!

    Enjoy the mugginess! ;)

    1. OOO I am a pesto addict, sounds nice.
      The muggines has turned into a thunderstorm, why is the weather never as you want it haha xx

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