Sunday, 20 May 2012

My top 3 perfumes

Hey Blogletts,
So I recently was given a gift set for my favourite perfume which rekindled my love for it and some of my other perfumes. I thought I would just share these with you.
First of all, my favourite perfume is Thierry Mugler 'Angel' perfume. I LOVE THIS. My mum used to wear this all the time so it reminds me of my childhood and good memories, which I like in a perfume. On the debenhams website the descrition is a load of tosh so I won't relay this but I feel it is quite a mature scent but light enough to wear in the day and slightly fruity, not too much though.
This is only 25ml so the bottle looks a little different. The full size price is around £45 a little pricey but when this runs out I will purchase this again.

So my second favourite is another Thierry Mugler and it's 'Alien'. This is more of a night time perfume as it is strong, a little goes a long way. This scent is difficult to describe, it is more mature than angel, the website says zesty, not sure about that.

This is only a sample but as I said a little goes a long way, it can be overpowering so if you put too much on, try flapping about a bit. The full size is again around £45 and I will repurchase, just may take a while.

Finally the wonder which is Ange ou demon by Givenchy. Again more of a mature scent, oriental flower like some may say. I like this but again more for going out as it's a little strong again.

I like this bottle the most, so classy. The price is around £40 so not as pricey as the others.


I thought I would add a runner up. G perfume I loved this then some stuff has gone down with the company who I can't spell the name of (harijuku). This is super fruity and great for the summer. You can still sometimes find this in TKMaxx, the most stressful shop but they do have great beauty baragains!

So that was my top 3 perfumes.
Hope you enjoyed!
What's your favourite perfume?
Bye for now xx

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