Sunday, 13 May 2012

What's in my bag? #1 makeup bag

Hey Blogletts,
So I thought I would do a what's in my bag post, however instead of boring you with everything in one big go I am going to break it up into sections. My bag may constantly change but the contents is pretty much the same so this series will show you what is in there you nosy lot.
First of all my makeup bag. I don't tend to carry tooo much around with me but some products are my bag staples for throughout the day.
The bag itself I got from a valentines day blog swap. It has pretty bows on and is a good size although there is a lot of spare room ....

Now for the contents :

 Maybelline dream matte powder, sadly have hit pan on this. This is my staple powder and as I have OILY skin I carry it around everywhere to powder throughout the day

To apply this I use the Bourjois kabuki  , wouldn't really reccomend this, its scratchy and not great to wash, I am considering getting the body shop one

Then I have my Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer. I am not the greatest fan of this and have a pretty love hate relationship with this. I carry it around as it is a spare concealer which is good if mine wears throughout the day, washes by rain or a spot pops up from nowhere, grrr I hate those

 Next an eyebrow pencil from Rimmel, I can't find the shade (hazel maybe) but it's a mid brown although my hair is blonde, my eyebrows are dark. I don't tend to fill in my brows, mine are pretty thick anyway and usually I forget but if I'm on the go and feel they look a little sparse of are unrully I quicly whip it through and can use the little brush on the end

A few lip products now. First of all my favourite lip balm, the rose petal salve. Love the texture and taste

Then the 17 mirror shine in beehive, I wear this everyday and I never go anywhere without it

So that's it, I told you it wasn't much but I always carry it everywhere.
I hope you enjoyed this and let me know what makeup you carry around with you if any!
(keep a little eye out for the next whats in my bag)

Bye for now xx

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