Thursday, 17 May 2012

What's in my bag? #2 mini pouch of wonder

Hey Blogletts,
I wasn't expecting to do the second part of 'what's in my bag' so soon, but I thought I am on study leave at the moment so procrastination has lead me here ( I would also start to forget).
So if you didn't read my last post, I am doing a series of 'what's in my bag.' I don't want to do a mamoth long post so I am sectioning it up. Plus my bag contents generally stays the same, they just get shifted from bag to bag.
You may notice a theme of pouches or mini bags appearing and that is because I like to keep my bag organised and know where to find things there and then.
This pouch just contains random bits and pieces that are useful but don't really fit in anywhere else.
Here it is, with cute little cupcakes on. Not sure where it is from as it was a gift, sorry.
Okay so next, I have a fear of smelling bad so I generally will have a body spray on me at all times (I don't smell a lot I just want to smell nice). This is a Ted Baker one I got in a set for Christmas and I adore this smell plus it tends to last a little longer than the usual body spray

Then I am a bit of a germ freak so have a bottle of hand sanitizer (along with about 3 others in different places in the bag). I am really a fan of this one, it has a nice lemony smell, kind of like toilet cleaner, but it makes me feel clean and sanitized

I will also carry a hand cream as I like to have softy softy hands, there is nothing worse than dry feeling hands, dry feelings make me cringe . This is a small version of the infamous Loccitaine hand cream, love it! A cheaper alternative is the soap and glory hand food which smells amazing.

 I carry around a moisturiser, just because when I have a cold and blow my nose (gross but it happend) my skin can tend to get a little dry so I depotted some Loreal Revitalift in a clarins sample pot. I have no opinion on this moisturiser, its good for dry skin but as I have oily I only use it for this purpose.

Next I carry a mini nail file. My nails are weak and bendy so tend to rip, that means they usually get caught on things like clothing, so having a file just means I can get rid of the rough edges.

Then just some random bits, some change and safety pins.

So I hope you enjoyed this and keep an eye out for the next post!
Do you keep pouches or not? let me know

Bye for now xx

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