Thursday, 29 December 2011


Hey blogletts,
I hope you had a lovely Christmas and have a happy new year.
Superdrug has a new 'brand' out called fashionista. On of their biggest selling point is the palettes they do. The palettes have 4 slots which you can fill any eyeshadow or blush of your choice. The eyeshadows and blushers come in cases themselves which are fine for keeping them in and look rather nice. However if you do get a palettes there are holes in the botton so when you turn it over you can see the information about the products. I bought 3 eyeshadows, two of them are 'double take' meaning they are baked so have other colours running through them bella and radiant, 1 regular eyeshadow in sultry and a blush in butterscotch. I highly reccomend these products, the compactness makes it easy for travelling aswell.

Top left: Bella - a pretty, shimmery hilight colour
Top right: Radiant - a gold colour with brown veining through it
Bottom left: Sultry - a plummy purple
Bottom right: Butterscotch - a pale pink blush

It also has a GIANT mirror

Left to Right ....
Bella, Radiant, Sultry and Butterscotch.

As you can see they are pretty pigmented and the price is also a big factor. Each single product are £4 each and the palette is £5 - so affordable. Also I don't know if it is just in the sales but there is an offer on at the moment where you if you buy it all then you get it for a reduced price.
There are many different colours and I am very pleased with this range.

Bye for now xx

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