Saturday, 3 December 2011

Blogmass day 3 . Tkmaxx miracle

Hey Blogletts,
I went christmas shopping day. I'm not going to lie, it was crazy! Town was filled with old people doing their christmas shopping very early in the morning, screaming babies and it was generally nasty. I had walked all the way up town and back again carrying heavy bags dodging as many people I could (as you can tell I don't like people). Now I reached the bottom when I had to make the tough descision, to Tkmaxx or not to Tkmaxx? Tkmaxx is one of those shops you have to persevere with. Normally there are a lot of people with items scattered anywhere and everywhere, it is hot and stuffy and there is no room to move. Already not being a people person and being claustrophobic it not not the ideal shop. However I thought no I am going in stop being so silly.
So I went in and went straight to the beauty items where not many people are. Then I saw it. The miracle. A Chi family gift set. Those of you who are not familiar with the brand Chi, it is a very good hair brand that sells items from hair care to styling tools. They are also very expensive. So when I saw this I thought do I dare to look at the price?? Well when I did I nearly collapsed. £19.99!!!!!! This may mean nothing to you but the RRP is £51.75. How could I not buy this? This amazing bargain. The set includes a shampoo, a hair treatment, the famous silk infusion, an iron guard and a texture spray. This would make the perfect Christmas present for someone who likes to style hair. Although I refuse to give this away as a present, unless it is to myself.

Then when I had recovered from the Chi incident, I was browsing through more of the beauty products and amongst the open and tried makeup I saw some OPI nail polishes. Wowza was my reaction, OPI in Tkmaxx amazing. I have wanted to buy some for ages but never got round to it. They came in a set of 3 and there was a choice of 2 sets. I bought the one with the colours Take the stage, Fiercely Fiona and from a recent collection Servin' up sparkle. Not only to find these amazing products but one of them to be in a recent collection is amazing. Not only this but the RRP of these 3 products is £31.50, however I got them for £12.99!

Servin' Up Sparkle

Fiercly Fiona

Take the stage - a bronze shimmery colour
These again would make a lovely Christmas present, and once again are for me.
Well I am fully impressed with Tkmaxx and will be shopping there a lot more I think.
Bye for now xx


  1. Whoaaa definitely going to pay TK Maxx more attention from now on! Love your blog btw (:


  2. thank you x I will try and do some more blogmas posts soon