Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Blogmass day 21 - Simple spotless skin anti-blemish moisturiser

Hey Blogletts,
I have been trying this product out for a few weeks now and I really have to say it's pretty good. I didn't buy it for it's claim to reduce spots as I don't feel it has really impacted that area at all however it also claims to 'maintain moisture levels' and 'give long lasting shine control'. I have super oily skin and needed a moisturiser that would control this and I must say it ticks the boxes. When you apply it, it feels greasy and you think 'WHAT!' however when you rub it in it sinks in and makes your skin feel matte and like it has no oil. GREAT! It does reduce oil for a pretty good amount of time although after many hours it wears off and powdering is required. I guess if you had the time blotting throughout the day may help the lasting power however being at school I don't really have the time.
Another good thing is that being from Simple it doesn't have harsh chemicals and smells so it is better for your skin then some other moisturisers.
This is a pretty good product but not sooo amazing.

Bye for now xx

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