Monday, 11 June 2012

London Haul - Camden Market & Westfields

Hey Blogletts,
So to celebrate no more exams ... till January .... we descided to take a trip to London. We thought it would be nice to go to Camden Market, WOW , I thought it was going to be an up and down market but boy was I wrong. It is HUGE and scattered everywhere, we didn't buy things really from stools but more from the little shops.
First of all I picked up a little headscarf from a retro vintage shop, I have wanted one for a while and loved this pattern so couldn't resist.

Then I have been searching for a Joy Division T-Shirt ever since I saw Jen from 'clothes encounters' wearing one, and finally my quest is over. I love this and think it will look great with leggings.

So it is my Mum's birthday soon and she is into old niknak type things so when I saw this sign I had to get it for her.

Then we moved on to Westfields, the second best place in the world, after Selfridges.
Now I had a traumatic time in Forever 21, my friend takes hours to try things on and look so hot, flustered and sore feet does not = happy Holly no no no. But I did find this jacket which was a bit contraversial. I hated it on the hanger but thought to myself I need a jacket I have none so tried it on and it was love. It is a cross between a jacket and a blazer so can be dressed up or down, sooo versatile.

Then this is where the damage was done, Zara. I love Zara, it is my favourite shop and I want to live in there, the clothes are nice, the layout is nice and the staff are nice - important in my books.
Now there has been a jacket flying round Youtube and the Blogging world and I thought well maybe I should look out for it but in doing this I found something way better, oh yes. It is a denim jacket, which I have wanted for ages, with p-leather sleeves. I am in LOVE. It was £40 but in my eyes well worth it. I may have freaked out the cashier by saying to my friend 'I am going to live in it and even patch it up if it breaks.' She also got a jacket, not the same one, and we were sooo happy.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this haul.
Anything on your wishlist for this month?
Bye for now xx

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