Monday, 12 March 2012

Real techniques core collection

Hey Blogletts,
I was in desperate need of some new brushes so I picked these up in my local boots, which I was shocked that my tiny boots stocked them.
For those who don't know about the real technique brushes, they are by Samantha Chapman, one of the pixiwoo sisters. To find out if your local boots stock them, the pixiwoo blog recently did a post about all stores that stocked them.
So in the core set you get 4 brushes: a buffing brush, pointed foundation, detailer brush and a contour brush.

The brushes come with this nifty brush case which is pretty handy for travelling or just to use to store.

This is the contour brush. It is perfect for obviously getting in the contour and sculpting your face as my chipmunk cheeks need to be chizzled.

This is the pointed foundation brush, it is pretty small for a foundation brush so I prefer to use it for a concealer which it does a great job of.

Next is the small detailer brush which is intended for concealer however it is reccomended for a lip brush. I haven't had time to try this one as haven't applied a dark lipstick but when I do I bet it will be fab!

Next is the brush of all brushes. It is the buffing brush and if it is possible to marry it I would! It just buffs foundation over the skin to even out skin tone, which is what I use foundation for. I just loves it!
Also lovers of the elf powder brush, you will love this!

These brushes are so soft it is unreal, when I got them I kept rubbing them on my face. They come to around the £20 mark which for 4 brushes and a case I think is blooming good considering a mac brush can be around £30 for 1.
I really reccomend these brushes, there are others which I want to try out desperately!
Bye for now xx


  1. I need to get my hands on some good brushes, I bought some elf ones but the bristles falling out are just too irritating. I definitely need a good contouring and buffing brush! It's on my list :P

    1. I had problems with the handles coming off the brushes with the elf brushes. These ones are amazing you should definately try them x