Thursday, 18 August 2011

Sleek Pout Polish Tinted Lip Conditoner

Hey Blogletts,
A while ago MAC brought out a tinted lip conditoner which took the beauty community by storm! However it was a little bit on the pricy sides. Then ELF ( brought one out with many other companies that were cheaper. Now Sleek has jumped on the band wagon and has brought out their own version called Pout Polish Tinted Lip Conditoner. When I saw this I felt the need to buy it, the compulsions of a shopoholic  forced me to buy this product and I purchased the colour Peach Perfection.

So the deal with tinted lip conditoners is that they are a kind of lip balm that has slight pigmentation to it.
The Sleek version is so creamy and keeps my lips moist and feeling nice for a long time. I tend to wear this on days I am too lazy to wear lipstick or lipgloss or if I am going to the supermarket, somewhere that is more relaxed. It is perfect for this. It gives my lips a healthy look and looks like I have made a bit of an effort to look nice, even if it is for the supermarket, I am sure they appreciate it.
The one downside to this product is the taste. It has a slight vanilla taste which I am not fon of but if you love vanilla then this is for you. Apart from the taste I really like this product and give it a big thumbs up.

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