Sunday, 22 April 2012

Topshop Haul

Hey Blogletts,
So whilst browsing around the shops, I was sadly dissapointed by H&M which really got me down as I buy pretty much everything in there. I tend to stay away from Primark as they are putting their prices up to around H&M's prices and I find their quality to not be that fab.
So I was then snooping around TopShop, and there was quite a lot I liked and not TOOO pricey.
Again Topshop sometimes gets my goat as it can be overly expensive and some of their stuff you wouldn't put your goldfish in. But as there were things that I liked I thought I would treat myself.

First of all I picked up a Bandeau top which on their website is described as having an 'acid wash'. I never really understood the point of them but I thought it would look good with the next thing .... This was £8 -

Next I got this top with a racer back and an American eagle on the front. This was £20 but I really liked so hey ho. Plus the Bandeau looks good underneath -

Finally this was in the sale, it's a white, sheer top with a 'grandad collar?' I'm not sure but it was only £7 and I tried one on for around £12 in H&M so bargain -

I am pretty impressed with Topshop at the moment YAY
Bye for now xx


  1. Really like the skater top! Also I agree Primarks prices have gone up but I wouldn't say the quality has :( same with topshop I'm not paying £30 for a nasty piece of clothing :P
    But that top is a stunner :)

    1. thank you x I think if they increase price, increase quality haha although I do like primark scarves and jewellry x