Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Collection 2000 cream puff

Hey Blogletts,
Recently I have been loving the collection 2000 cream puff in powder puff 2. It is a matt lip colour which is a nudey pink. They can be slilghtly drying but if you put a salve on before or after it is fine. I pretty much am in love, and considering it was pretty cheap, it is a major win for me.
I really reccomend this if you are looking for a nude colour but don't quite want it as saturated as a lipstick. I am definately purchasing more of these in the very near future. p.s. this smells nice

(excuse my dressing gown)

If you want more of a glossy nude lip gloss I thought I would add an alternative which is Ciate lipgloss in St.Barts I think I can't really find a name. This is slightly more pinky than the cream puff and slightly sticky but not too much.

You can see here it is slightly more pinky but the flash is making it a bit more pink.

Hope you enjoyed
Bye for now xx


  1. Hey, thanks for the comment, and in answer to your questions- yes, it's fine for pale skin (I'm akin to a ghost); yup, it's lovely :) x

    1. Thank you , I am super pale too haha