Sunday, 8 January 2012

12 things to try in 2012

Hey blogletts,
I was reading lipsofactor blog (meganisobel) and she did a post on 12 products she wants to try in 2012, I like the idea so much here is mine.

No.1 Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer

I currently use Sleek Contour Kit, so when I hit pan I will purchase this. I have heard good and bad about it so hopefully it will work for me.

No. 2 Dior Amber Diamond

This hilighter looks so amazing. I have only heard good things about this so when I hit pan on the hilighter in my sleek kit I want to try this (despite the price , one of the more unrealistic purchases)

No.3 Soap and Glory hand food

This is meant to smell amazing and as it is relatively cheap I will get this next time I go shopping

No.4 Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish

Many people rave about this so I feel I should give it ago. It is rather pricy but not too bad but is not available near me so have to wait for a larger shopping trip

No.5 Mac Creme Cup

I am into pinky nude lipsticks so I really want to try this. Again MAC isn't easily available to me however I plan to pick it up in duty free on holiday this year. However I want to finish a lipstick first

No.6 MAC Mineralize Natural

There is much hype about this product so simply want to give it a go but before this I want to hit pan on my current powder

No.7 MUA heaven and earth palette

This is pretty cheap so when I go to a bigger superdrug I will pick this up, but i have to hit pan in 3 eyeshadows first

No.8 Naked 2 palette

Since this is sooo expensive I want to finish a whole palette before getting it, but it is soo pretty though

No.9 Nars Sheer Glow

There is so much hype about this and I really like the finish of it, so have to wait until I finish my current foundation

No.10 Nars Sin Blush

I am so into plum blush so Sin is the perfect blush for me, got to finish a blush first though

No.11 Real Techniques Stippling Brush

I have wanted to try a real techniques blush for a while now so its on the list

No.12 Too faced shadow insurance

I dont really use a base and I have heard this is good so again when I go on a larger shop I will try and pick this up

Thats the 12 products, the likely hood of me trying all of them is slim due to the price aspect however I would like to try at least half

Bye for now xx

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